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Ningbo Rixin Power Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, a beautiful and fertile port city in the East China Sea. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation and excellence as the driving force, adheres to high standards and strict requirements for product quality, and strives for survival and service according to quality The enterprise principle of seeking development, respecting contracts, keeping promises, and stressing integrity, combined with advanced process technology and testing methods, has won the trust and support of all walks of life. The company's after-sales service network is complete, the service is fast, and the response is fast. It is the most powerful and professional supplier and service provider of the domestic diesel generator set marine engineering industrial automation system. Rixing people will be committed to the future, bravely temper themselves in the melting pot of the market, seek truth and do practical things, keep improving quality, adhere to integrity and seek development. With the strong support and help of customers from all walks of life, Rixing has won a broad market Development space and opportunities. Rixing Power takes quality as the guarantee, strives for credibility to survive, and provides customers with one-stop "caring" service. Past performance belongs to the history of growth, and the eternal charm lies in opening up the future. We absorb the essence of the world-class business philosophy, and look forward to cooperating with Chinese and foreign enterprises and colleagues from all walks of life in good faith, go hand in hand, and achieve a mutually beneficial win-win situation for a better future.

新能源发电部:日动力柴油发电机组主要配套部件的供应商均为世界知名品牌,发动机选用美国康明斯(Cummins)、德国曼(MAN)、英国帕金斯(Perkins)、 德国道依茨(DEUTZ)、韩国斗山大宇(DOOSAN)、沃尔沃(VOLVO)、卡特彼勒(CAT)等。 Rixin New Energy Power Generation Department: The suppliers of Rixin Power Diesel Generating Units are world-renowned brands. The engines are Cummins, MAN, Perkins, and Deoy. (UTC), Korea Doosan (DOOSAN), Volvo (VOLVO), Caterpillar (CAT) and so on. The generators are Stamford, Marathon, LEROY-SOMER, etc. Power range from 10-3000KW covers general purpose and various special purpose generator sets.The company's products have been widely used in communications, ports, petroleum, finance, transportation, factories, troops, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, airports, railway generator cars In many fields, product quality and after-sales service have been highly appreciated by customers at home and abroad. In addition to providing diesel power generation systems, our years of rich experience in research and development in the field of power generation combine to provide customers with reliable, durable, economic and environmentally friendly Power solutions.

自动化 事业 部:公司本着科学化、人性化的经营管理之路,聚集着一批发电机行业电子电气自动化开发行业高素质、高技术、高资历的顶尖人才,集研究、开发、新能源发电系统、船舶自动化系统,工业自动化电控系列电子产品。 Rixin Automation Division: Based on scientific and humanized management, the company gathers a group of top talents with high quality, high technology and high qualifications in the electrical and electronic automation development industry of the generator industry, integrating research, development and new energy. Power generation system, ship automation system, industrial automation electronic control series electronic products. And widely praised by customers.
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动力售后维修服务中心:日公司拥有一支高素质、高资历的进口柴油发动机、电气维修工程师,二十年工作经验的售后维修专业服务队伍,配备齐全的维修调试设备、工具及服务车,可以在全天24小时的任何时间内为用户提供指导、三包、维修保养、油泵及油嘴调校、发动机技术支持及大修服务,随时为客户解决机器故障。 Rixin Power After-Sales Maintenance Service Center: Rixin has a high-quality, highly-qualified imported diesel engine and electrical maintenance engineer, and a professional after-sales maintenance service team with 20 years of work experience, equipped with complete maintenance debugging equipment, tools and services The car can provide users with guidance, three guarantees, maintenance, oil pump and nozzle adjustment, engine technical support and overhaul services at any time of the day, 24 hours a day, and solve machine failures for customers at any time.
动力零配件服务中心 :日动力建立了一套完整的零配件供应体系,全天候快速供应,从而能够保证您的机器正常运转。 Rixin Power Parts Service Center : Rixin Power has established a complete spare parts supply system, which can be supplied quickly around the clock, so as to ensure the normal operation of your machine. 动力的零件仓库库存齐全的备用零件,全部采用电脑化管理,随时满足客户的零件需要,纯正配件是您最佳的选择,因为您所得到的是延长你机器寿命的最佳保证。 Rixin Power's parts warehouse has a complete inventory of spare parts, all of which are computerized to meet customers' parts needs at any time. Genuine accessories are your best choice, because what you get is the best guarantee to extend the life of your machine.
企业精神 创新务实敬业高效。 Rixin's corporate spirit : innovation, pragmatic, dedicated and efficient. Innovation is the soul of the company and the eternal driving force for the development of the cause. Tell the truth, make practical moves, do practical things, and be practical. Respect and respect your profession, treat your profession with a respectful and pious spirit, and treat your profession as a heavenly duty. Do it when you think, do it now, absorb quickly, change quickly, and act quickly.
经营方针: Rixin Management Policy: Market-oriented, product and sales as the leader, brand and service as the support, and technology research and development as the basis.
管理模式:以人为中心,员工是公司的主人,工作是为了公司和个人一起成长,同时工作更好也是体现自己的价值。 Rixin management model: people-centered, employees are the owner of the company, work is for the company and individuals to grow together, while working better is also a reflection of their own value. Performance-oriented, comprehensive evaluation of employees from three aspects: morality, ability and performance. Focus on institutionalized, process-oriented and standardized construction. Attach importance to resource integration, including technical resources, market resources, and human resources.
的人才观:日人都是人才,不拘学历、年龄能够推动日兴发展、能够为企业创造效益、把日兴作为自己事业的人,人才是日兴最宝贵的财富。 Rixin 's view of talents: Rixin people are all talents. People who are able to promote Rixing's development regardless of education and age, can create benefits for the company, and regard Rixing as its own business. Talents promote the development of Rixing Company. The development of the company provides a wider space and better conditions for the development of employees. Based on the company's common goals and overall image, the company advocates the use of personality, the pursuit of interesting work, like-minded colleagues, healthy physique, open mind, optimistic spirit.
人力资源管理思路:日建立一个学习型的组织,为所有希望有所做为的有能力的人才提供一个发挥他们才能的舞台,职位分析、评估和薪资,能力模型和绩效管理,核心团队管理和培养,人力资源需求和招聘策略,吸引和激励优秀人才充分发挥其潜力,是日持续发展的关键。 Rixin Human Resource Management Ideas: Rixin establishes a learning organization, providing a stage for all talented people who want to do something to perform their talents, position analysis, evaluation and salary, competency model and performance management, core Team management and training, human resource requirements and recruitment strategies, and attracting and motivating outstanding talents to reach their full potential are the keys to Rixin's sustainable development. Adapting to rapid changes is the objective requirement for talents in the Internet era. Only by adhering to learning and continuous development and improvement can we keep up with the development of the times.